Background to the Previous Century

Many events that defined our world into what it is today occurred in the twentieth century. It was also a time in which poetry, literature, and philosophy flourished without bounds. The twentieth century has given us names like Sylvia Plath, D.H. Lawrence, and Siegfried Sassoon…

Spirits from Brahui and Balochi Lore

Spirits, may they be angels, demons, fairies, beasts, monsters, or shapeless; are an indispensable part of folklore. However, there are many who remain unobserved and unnamed.

Tales in Balochi and Brahui are particularly rich when it comes to spirits. It is no surprise, considering that they originate from the province…

The Asuras and Prita in Buddhist Mythology

In my last blog, I wrote about the spirits in Sindhi folklore and mentioned two creatures, Asuras and the Prita. I promised to come back next time with more about them, so here I am, with a piece on the mention of Asuras and Prita in Buddhist myths.

A Mandala depicting the Buddhist Universe

As per…

Creatures from Hindu legends

The lore from this part of the world is brimming with evil spirits of all kinds: we have one for erm, everyone? And well, I couldn’t help writing about it.


A spirit emanating from a man or a woman who either committed suicide, or was sentenced with the death…

Foreign Explorers in West China

The ancient Silk Road passed through modern-day Xinjiang and is perhaps the only region on Earth where ancient China, India, Greece, and Rome have all left their mark. Throughout history, various tribes have lived and amalgamated in the area. Today, forty-seven modern nationalities live in the region. …

From Pakistan’s North

Shamanism was an integral part of pre-Islamic beliefs in the region of Gilgit Baltistan. I decided to explore a father fascinating practice from these customs: wizardry and fortune telling.

The power to see beyond the veil, or to interact with creatures from the otherworld, is known to be a hereditary…

Of Fall’s, Takeover’s, and Liberation’s

To say that Kabul’s journey has been rough is an understatement. Afghanistan has not seen a day of peace in the past forty-three years. August 15th, 2021 is indeed a historic day we have lived through.

It is said, that cameras don’t lie. Turns out, press coverage spanning four decades…

Ramblings of a Patriot. Pakistan Zindabad!

While it is true, that all of us are not in the spirit to celebrate this time around. We feel frustrated, unsafe, hopeless. This independence day, as we celebrate freedom, and mourn the lack of freedom, this blog is an open letter to you all, my dear hum-watans.

Humara ghussa…

Ceylon, as seen in a mallet map from the 1600s (Source: Wikipedia Commons)

Ceylon, modern-day Sri Lanka, has often come under fire lately, particularly in the post-war period, for religious intolerance. The case is the same with most other countries in the region, with Myanmar engaging in a genocide of the Rohingya Muslim minority, a brutal Taliban regime in Afghanistan, and an alleged…

Komal Salman

A media student who happens to be a history geek!

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